"Love having to make things from scratch and turn it into something really amazing."

"How I started!"

Everything begins as a hobby. I loved arts and crafts when I was younger. I still remember that feeling of accomplishment when I made a house out of popsicle sticks and decorated it with tissue paper flowers for my Mother. Growing up, I loved to sketch, and design things. Just like most chinese families from NYC, my mother was a seamstress. We were brought up from a medium income class home. Which means we made too much to get support, but barely enough for rent. My mom couldn't afford to buy me luxury bags or fancy clothes. And because of that, I picked up a few tips and tricks when I was younger and started sewing my own clothes, bags and things. I started knitting and crocheting as a hobby. That's how my Etsy shop started.

For those who already follow my work know I started this business by selling knitted items. It's been a few years since I've started selling on Etsy. Everything I sold was handmade by me. I love having to make things from scratch and turn it into something really amazing. I turned a ball of nothing into something wearable. I wanted to create unique items and started adding leather and buckles with my knits. That's when I developed interest in leathercrafting. There are so many different types of leathers and so many different things you can do with leather. I was obsessed! My husband was also very supportive of this idea so I gave it my all and studied leather crafts for about a year and a half.  

I started designing tons of bags and accessories. Each design is dyed, cut, hand stitched together using the saddle stitch method, conditioned, and waterproofed by me. All with the help of proper tools, I am able to handcraft these wonderful bags and accessories. 

"Why handbags and accessories?"

Living in New York City sometimes gets a little overwhelming. The constant upkeep of the latest fashions. The constant pressure of trying to look your best whether it's for work, or a casual night out. Not to mention trying to keep up with all these new social media networks. As someone who is quite laid back, I've decided that the use of accessories can turn a plain simple outfit into something more fancy.  I've gotten a lot of compliments on my work so I decided to learn and took classes on leather crafting. I was so amazed. I can now design my own bags and handcraft them from scratch.